Our mission is to ensure that patients are treated fairly when they pay for care.

We believe that paying for healthcare is the most important issue facing Americans today. Atana aspires to improve the quality of life for patients, increase the efficiency of our workforce, and empower disenfranchised communities through driving engagement, automation, and transparency in our healthcare system.

Healthcare is unaffordable

Healthcare has become an unattainable luxury for many Americans. A snapshot of our healthcare system illustrates this point:

  1. 61% of Americans do not have enough savings to cover a $1000 unexpected medical bill.
  2. A third of Americans have a hard time paying their medical bills, and 73% of them have spent less on food and other necessities to pay for healthcare.
  3. Since 2008, workers’ earnings have increased 26% whereas annual deductibles have increased 212%.
As deductible increases exponentially outpace wage increases, more Americans are becoming at risk of medical bankruptcy or chronic disease as they avoid getting care.

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of our country is already sacrificing their savings and basic needs to pay their medical bills, with more people falling into medical debt every day as the cost of healthcare marches higher.

Prices are unpredictable

Even more troubling is the fact that patients won’t know how much their care will cost until they get the bill. Both the price and quality of care are extremely variable depending on the facility and procedure, and there are countless stories of Americans discovering that their final bill is much higher than expected.

One hospital discovered it was charging more than $50,000 for a knee-replacement surgery that only costs between $7,300 and $10,550.

A procedure that ends up costing three times more than the expected price is enough to exhaust most Americans’ savings. On the other hand, care received from a low quality provider creates can lead to complications, furthering financial difficulties. In fact, almost 70% of citizens who file for bankruptcy cited medical bills as a key contributing factor.

The healthcare industry knows it profits from the lack of options and alternatives for patients. This has incentivized powerful players to continue propping up uncertainty in the market. To patients, wildly fluctuating prices, hidden costs, and low quality care are all perceived as normal.

Financing Options are Scarce

Patients who are faced with large medical bills have limited options to intervene on their charges. Medical financing companies require stellar credit, and loans are often unfavorable if the patient is even able to get one.

An overview of financing options on Nerdwallet shows that the estimated APR (annual percentage rate) for a medical loan can rise up to a whopping 35.99%. That means if you don’t pay off your loan, in just two years your debt size will be almost twice as much. Some patients even opt to pay their medical bills using credit cards, which can further damage their credit and lead to incurring more debt.

Complicated medical bills makes it hard for patients to know if they're being charged fairly.

Atana ensures that you pay what is fair.

Through the course of navigating the healthcare industry, we realized that patients like you were often treated unfairly without even knowing it. They were being charged for procedures they did not receive, procedures that were not as complex as reflected on the bill, and procedures that were medically unnecessary.

Patients we spoke with frequently described being coerced to pay before being able to question their bill and payment terms. As a result, patients end up paying for any incorrect charges without knowing. This is exploitative, as medical billing error rates range from 45% to 80%.

Atana helps you save money on your medical bills by checking your charges for any errors and finding a no-interest payment plan that works for your situation. It's tailored to your healthcare needs, respects your lifestyle, and doesn't pose any risk to your credit score.

Our team of medical billing and coding experts have developed a unique methodology that can lower out of pocket payment costs by 80% or more. Combined with millions of data points on providers across the country, our platform empowers you to find a fair cost for a procedure, understand your bill, fight incorrect charges, and stay financially healthy.

We are built upon three core principles

  1. Engagement: We believe that paying for healthcare is complicated, and we are committed to helping patients arm themselves with necessary, easy-to-understand knowledge. We want to ensure that patients who actively engage with their healthcare costs see an impact.
  2. Automation: We believe that patients don’t have the time or energy to find the optimal plan, shop around for different providers, monitor their medical bills, and find discounts for bills. Atana equips patients with the tools to easily navigate all aspects of healthcare without spending hours on hold.
  3. Transparency: We believe that consumer-driven healthcare is impossible unless patients can easily compare the quality and price of their care options. Our products provide accurate and data-driven information to guide healthcare consumers in their decision-making.

These principles enable us to consistently deliver products that feel noticeably different from what you've learned to expect from healthcare.

Financial access to healthcare is a defining challenge of our time. We look forward to helping create a world where everyone can afford the care they need.