Every patient that works with Atana to reduce their medical bills benefits from our proprietary process and technology.

Pricing and then paying for healthcare is an incredibly complex task. By the time that you receive a bill, it has passed through dozens of hands at both your hospital and insurance provider.

It's no surprise that mistakes are frequent and costly for all parties involved. Duplicate charges, typos, and being charged for procedures that were ultimately canceled are common errors, sometimes costing patients thousands of dollars.

Even worse are instances of fraud. Studies have shown that fraud costs the Medicare trust fund up to $60 billion dollars annually. It doesn't take much to imagine that patients are not immune to these billing practices.

The good news is that Atana has you covered.

Using data science to parse through millions of claims and medical bills, we've discovered where the most errors are happening and how to maximize savings. Armed with these insights, we are laser focused on getting you to where you need to be.

Here's how we make it happen.

After answering a brief questionnaire, we immediately reach out to all the relevant parties with our findings. This can include everyone from your health plan to the care providers that issued the bill in the first place.

Our algorithm takes into account when the bill was received, who issued it, the line items that were listed, and a variety of other factors to find the best ways to save you money.

Atana isn't a medical billing advocacy. We don't charge you lofty fees as a pre-condition for service, as the last thing that you need is an additional charge on your credit card.

Rather, we work directly with the hospitals and providers that issued the bill to support the service. As soon you complete the sign up process, you can sit back, relax, and get back to your life.

We'll keep you notified at every touchpoint we have with the stakeholders involved. As soon as we're done, you'll receive an email with recalculated payment terms with all discounts built in.

You'll find that your new payment plan is significantly discounted when compared with your original bill. With the payment plan in place, you are official in good standing with your care provider, allowing you continue getting care if you need it, as well as avoiding any negative impact on your credit report.

If you have more questions about Atana's process, feel free to send a message through our website or to support@atana.io.